marți, 17 iunie 2008


print my name on your heart
let the ink dry
and never ever take me out
for I'm the only one
to always love your caress, your breast,
your legs around me,
your ears when you listen
and your eyes watching me
in the deep of the eternal night.
if I lose you is my bad,
mea culpa for what I've done,
but I'll be forever in
love with you and I'll always
keep you in my heart.
never give up on me,
as I'll never give up on you -
Wana -
tattoo on my heart.

joi, 29 mai 2008

Jo Kansas


I've know Jo Kansas
for a long time now . . .
she's my lover, and she's not,
sometimes cold and sometimes hot;
she's the wind blowing my hair,
she's a story hard to tell,
she's the dream every man has,
but she is so hard to catch.

Jo Kansas--such a strange name.
Jo Kansas--pleasure and pain,
star falling down from the sky,
next to you . . . and still, so high. . . .

Jo Kansas is every girl
that I love, even if she's not mine. . . .

She's the sun that never shines.


marți, 27 mai 2008

Everytime I think of you


everytime I think of you
something moves me deep inside,
I feel thousands suns dying
beyond the stars,
the scars,
everytime it's a new beginning
for the love I care for you,
and the life I once preserved
it's just ending
the same time with me
dying, here, under your eyes.
everytime I think of you
a new poem catches form
bringing the words
to a new beginning
of my love for you,
for us together,...
everytime I think of you.

and I think of you a lot!


duminică, 25 mai 2008



a car, the road, three friends,
we're going to the moon,
there is no evil spell
from dusk till noon.

the watefall, the sand,
five miles away, still,
we have no interest
for our dreams to kill.

there is a world aside
and one is in between,
only one step to slide
only one step to dream.

three friends, the road, the car
and all we want to be
for there is nothing else
our lives to feel complete.


sâmbătă, 24 mai 2008

Walk in the forest


take a walk
in the forest of your mind
and be amazed
of this thing called life.

watch the birds
building up a nest,
only you're important,
forget about the rest.

nobody can see
or agree the life you live.

start living.


luni, 19 mai 2008

Philosophical horizons of views

I say

in an ordinary city with ordinary people
who live ordinary lives,
raising ordinary kids in ordinary
schools teaching them ordinary
thougts they should have andlive by
in an ordinary world created in an
ordinary illusion of thinking
and imagine ordinary physics
of words unsaid as in a movie
hundred centurys ago,
who's doing the father or the son
gets to be a winner of the spirit
or the mind in darkness instead of
light and light instead of love?

love is the string, the end and the
everything starts or ends up

with love.

Dull words


inadequate work repays with failure,
for others money and sometimes real,
too many dreams to be away,
some people fly, some people stay,
we take nothing in the graves,
we own nothing on the earth.

it's inapropriate to talk about
things we have no clues,
so, i won't talk about god.
if there are no rules
i cannot break any rules.

difficulty it's the major event,
not using brain it's a mistake,
we are held responsible for
every thing in this dull universe.

think positive, live well,
there is no such thing
called hell.