duminică, 30 martie 2008

No Destiny

velvet kisses cover my mouth,
dirty pianos play in the distance,
snowballs in my window,
my neighbour is the wind.

false alarm - love ain't dead -
save my soul from the world
and my manhood from you
times after deceptions.

singular heart never understood,
continue beating to the rhyme
of the music in silence,
of love long gone.

Sexy demons

fairly enough i travel the world
from amsterdam to adelaide
in search of lost love

when i won't be the way i was
before i met you.

hit me so i can give you a kiss,
love me not so you won't lose me again.
words are in my way,
paintings, waterfalls,

i might be wrong again
but there is nothing wrong,
i might love you again
just to find out i never loved you
the way i should.

fairly enough
if you don't understand

sâmbătă, 29 martie 2008

Love Story

One true heaven

only one heaven, one truth,
only one thought to cross my mind
searching for love
and nothing else.

love is the primordial thing
sand in a clock,
minutes of patience,
hours of smiles,
eternities of godly love
over the human love.

one love for all,
one heart, one mind, one soul.