vineri, 11 aprilie 2008

Show me love


About a good samaritan they say
"he set him on his own animal,
brought him to an inn
and took care of him". (Luca )

Some lettuce, some tomatoes
and a princess of love,
sorrow, lots of sorrow, just
to give you more strength.

Accepting invitations is to
make people feel sorry,
and yet everything is made
to take away the worry.

She speaks no word to me
but still I understand
there is a world of solitude
that we should comprehend.

The grass grows greener
on the other side,
all we have to do is
love and hate and slide.

Not too long ago in time
I wouldn't know your name
but since I've met you, girl,
no day's to be the same.

There's things you don't know
and things you cannot guess,
without you in my life
is only emptyness and lonelyness.

A new life ahead and still
I depend on the one old
in wich my love for you
it was the pure gold.

New hopes in a new world
and emptyness inside
will only go away
the day I will die.

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